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downlaodsHere at we constantly review all the best virus protection software, trojans and spyware stoppers. Many are free anti virus downloads that will keep your PC safe from Viruses and Spyware etc. It is worth noting at this point that many of the free virus downloads available out there are trials. This is ok, and not something that should concern you. Find out why later.

The first thing to be aware of is that you should really not even be connected to the internet, (not even for a few minutes) until you have some form of Spyware and anti Virus software, If you don't have any Virus Protection Software then downlaod some NOW!. I have often had calls from people with new computers who have browsed around before installing Anti Virus Protection and ended up with a Virus in less than a day.

In fact, I once finished building a new PC and within 5 Minutes of connecting to the internet my new computer was dialling into a premium rate line! (you know the sort I mean).

That is of course rare and it is not my intention to scare you. but the golden rule is Always protect your self from computer viruses.


The second thing to be aware of is "Old Anti Virus Software". Please, if the software you use to protect yourself from viruses, (whether shop bought or downlaoded) is out of date it is almost not worth having. The best Software to downlaod to protect yourself from Viruses and Spyware is one which has an Auto-update Feature, (Explanation - Anti Virus Software with Auto Update). However whilst highly recommended, they are not free and usually charge a yearly subscription fee.

Free Virus Downloads - If you don't want to pay a subscription and are looking for Free Anti Virus Software to Downlaod then there are ways around this. See AntiVirus Trial Download.

Computer Identity Theft

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Looking Specifically At Computer Identity Theft

As you will find out on this website, Identity theft is now considered a huge problem in society. Everyday, there is an increase in the amount of users ofthe internet and most people consider their computer as a big part of their lives (I know I do). But, along with this there is also an increase in the number of Computer Identity Theft Cases Reported.

People who are new to using the internet sometimes become victim to these computer identity theft systems. generally, the attacker will use your credit cards in order to buy high value goods for themselves. It is quite common for these goods to be consumer electronics.

The other method used by these criminals is to use your information to get an application for credit, or even a bank account and destroy your credit score. This can have a long-lasting negative effect on your life. Especially if you need to apply for a mortgage or any other form of credit. In addition, Correction this situation takes a great deal of time, and can be very stressful, So because of the rise in Computer Identity theft we have come up with ten useful tips that you can use to stop yourself from becoming a statistic.

•Use a disposable email address

Try and ensure that you have an email address that you use for businesses and a seperate one for personal use. For example, if you wish to buy an item or service online, or join a newsgroup, then use your disposable email address to stop criminals gaining access to your personal emails..

Google (Gmail), Yahoo, and hotmail are just a few of the many free email services where you can create you own disposable email address. All of the above examples will be able to interface with your email client such as Outlook or Outlook Express.

• Take Steps To Cover Your Internet Identity

What we mean by this is, If your name is John Smith then don't use your name as your email address if you can help it, especially if you are using it to having business with people or companies you are not familiar with. Also, try and avoid using your birthday as this will give criminals personal information before they even gain access.

• ALWAYS Use a unique password

It is important that you use a separate password for all of your email addresses and any other accounts or memberships you are part of online. in addition, never use passwords that appear in order like pass3 for your private account, pass4 for you business account and pass4 for your disposable email addresses. It may make things easy to remember but a hacker will spot this in an instant and once they have gained one password they will easily get access to the rest.

• Use “tough” passwords

Avoid using birthdates, anniversaries, or your children’s birthdates when making passwords. Always use a micture of letters and numbers, and to really keep things secure try and throw some capital letters into your passwords. And of course,, don't to use passwords with dictionary words. If you want to keep them memorable, try shortening your phrases. For example “I drink 1 glass of milk everyday” could be shortened to to “id1GoMe”. Notice I threw some capital letters in there as well. This Is one of our top tips for avoiding computer identity theft.

• Change your passwords Regularly

It is generally advised that you change your passwords around once every 6 months. Although I have to admit, I find this a head-ache and do it once a year instead. If you believe there is any possibility that your passwords have been exposed, then change them immediately.

• Use Just One Credit Card

If you own multiple credit cards, try and stick to just one that you know will work for most online transactions. This way it is far easier to monitor your transactions made and spot anything that shouldn't be there.

• If Possible, Use A Credit Card, Not A Debit Card

Though many debit cards have online purchase safety steps, it is much easier if you do become a victim to fight fake charges than to refund debit cards.

• Always Make Sure Your Online Transactions Are Safe

You will find loads of info here on how to do this but generally , If you are making your first transaction on the internet, make sure that the company you are dealing with is either familiar, or recommended by somebidy you know. eBay is probably the obvious example. Check for the company’s privacy guidelines. When making your first purchasing, ensure to check the privacy policy and terms and conditions, search for logos from purchaser groups and try to find out if they are a member of the better business bureau or other independant financial body.

• Never Click Links In Emails Asking You To Update You Account.

95% will be fraudulent. They will often appear completely genuine and it can be very hard to ascertain whether or not they are. In these circumstances, contact the company it appears to be from directly and ask if it is from them.

If you following these guidelines, and keep your wits about you and your head screwed on, You should have nothing to fear and will be able to use your computer for all manners of shopping and banking etc. Of course there are no gaurantees but these tips should help you avoid computer identity theft.

O.K, Back To Viruses.....

You will find lots of free anti virus advice on this website so I won't go into too much detail her but it is fair to say that these viruses will never cease to exist as long as personal computers are around. I continually hear my buddies and family members whine about computer viruses. Well, to be honest, when it comes to internet and security where viruses are concerned, it may be an idea to go with a Mac. Many people are not keen on them for a variety of reasons but when it comes to virus security they do seem a lot safer. Not only do they have a very secure operating system but they are less targetted than PC's. You can see why here, Extra virus protection. That just about wraps up this article. I hope it has given you a little insight into the world of home computing. You can find out much more about computer and internet security by browsing this sight and reading some articles. Please also be aware that any software we recommend had been given shining testemonials by previous buyers. We do not recommend any software until it has been fully tested and reviewed.

Deleting Trojan Virus with Norton,

There was recently a message on Symantec's security blog stating they had discovered an, Excel document with a malformed string. It is capable of putting two Trojan horse programs onto the victim's computer, both of which are known as Backdoor.Bias. Both programs apparently leave open the possibility for remote exploit, but neither Symantec or Microsoft have provided details with regard to whether thevictim's computers have been "phoning home."

Symantec has been very careful with the phrasing of the new Trojan's description on its blog, explaining that Trojan.Mdropper.Y was a different document that leveraged the same exploit as with editions prior to "Y," perhaps a little differently than before but not different enough to call this a new vulnerability.

Nevertheless, that didn't stop the press from calling this the fourth, fifth, or sixth new "Excel flaw" discovered recently, even though the concept string malformation exploit dates back to before the turn of the decade.

Excel 2007 does not appear to be affected by this exploit, although older versions remain vulnerable. However, all legitimate security sources continue to report that these particular attacks are targeted rather than automated and widespread.

It is therefore unlikely that you will have been affected. But, if you have been affected by this or another Trojan then deleting trojan virus, norton antivirus discovers is reletavely simple. Simply Login to their website and search for the name of the trojan (such as klez virus or codeine-a virus removal) and you will be given easy instructions on how to delete the virus from your PC.

By heeding the advice on this website you could not only protect your personal information and files on your PC but you could prevent damage to your hardware. If you have been unlucky enough to sustain damage to your PC it may be worth taking a look at harddrive data recovery.

Our Recommended Anti Virus Software Downloads




MacroVirus is fast becoming one of the most competetive Antivirus solutions on the internet. It is rated by many people now as the no.1 most trusted program. It is an All-In-One Package that will not only rid your computer of of Viruses, but will also tackle Spyware and Adware infections as well. At 1/4 of the Price of programs like Norton it is a great option if you are looking for value for money.

It boasts an advanced system that actually works to repair and correct errors caused by Adware and Spyware and also tweaks your PC for optimal performance.

As well as all this it has a built in pop-up-ad blocker and allows you access to the latest updates so you will always stay protected from the latest virus threats.


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