Child Safety On The Internet

Your Child Frequently Uses The Internet. How do You Ensure Their Safety?

Make The Internet A Place Of Safety For Your Child

Keep Your Child Safe From The Internet Dark Side.

Almost everyone now has access to the Internet on a regular basis. The problem online is that there is no real censorship and parents concerns are growing with regard to child safety on the Internet. The risk of children being exposed to racy graphics and adult materials are, unfortunately, very high. Children are solicited every day and the risks increase children get older and find there way around the net more and more.

Teenagers are at the highest risk of being exposed to inappropriate material and dangerous activity because they usually explore the online world with no supervision. They are more likely to use online chat-rooms and have discussions with strangers. Some of these discussions are about adult topics and lots of them revolve around sex and relationships.

Child safety on the Internet is most often a worry when the child is making an innocent search. For example, if a child enters the keyword “toy” into a search engine they may well find adult material that is not intended for child viewing. Also, if your computer contains any Spyware or viruses your child may be subjected to pop-up advertisements that can also contain inappropriate material.

Although not quite as common, children are sometimes exposed to violent content also. There are plenty of sites out there that house hateful material and a minority of them may even encourage children to engage in illegal activities or put themselves in a precarious situation. The main worry is that teens and children don’t even have to search for this kind of offensive material; it may reach them through emails, chat rooms and even adverts.

Even bullying has taken to the Internet. It could be used by other children to harass a certain child or teen. You see with the Internet, bullying an unpopular student can be done anonymously. This is a relatively small worry, but it can cause concern for child safety when using the Internet.

Of course the biggest parental concern about child safety on the Internet is the sexual predator. A child could easily provide personal information that could lead a sexual deviant right to his home if they are not educated against this. If the child or teenager believes the predator on the other end to be of a similar age, they may choose to meet with the predator unknowingly. This could put child and family at risk. Child molesters have been known to use chat rooms and emails to befriend a child and gain their trust. Police forces are now trying their level best to reach these Internet offenders but policing something as big as the Internet is extremely difficult.
Less harmful, but also valid concerns about child safety on the Internet are hackers and viruses. These are plentiful and it is very easy for a child (or even adult) to innocently download a file containing a virus that could damage your computer. The virus may also increase the odds of a hacker gaining access to personally information, as you will read elsewhere on this site

Parents need to take child safety on the Internet very seriously. It is important to balance the child’s independence and privacy with parental involvement. Education is the key here but there are also many useful tools that filter out adult content and also prevent your child viewing certain types of material or even individual sites.



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