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It's Easy To Find Computer Virus Cleaning Programs that are Free

There are thousands of them. Free anti virus cleaning programs are available to all of us. It really is so easy to download them it poses the a rather interesting question: Why are software company's spending thousands of dollars on producing Virus cleaning software only to give it away? Well there are a number of reasons. A good summary of these can be found at the anti-virus software download page, so I won't go into it too much detail here. Basically, many of the free computer virus cleaning programs are trial versions. Some of them are fully working copies whilst others offer limited functions until you buy their full version. This does not account for all of them however.

There are software distributers out there who will offer free computer virus cleaning programs that are fully functional and do not expire in 30 days. An antivirus program like this may be ad-supported or may ask you to sign up to a weekly or monthly newsletter but the fact is you can protect your computer for free.

However, it's not quite that simple, (didn't think huh). There are things you should be aware of before downloading any free computer virus cleaning programs. First of all the cover they provide may not be quite as good as a paid subscription like Norton or McAfee. Also, you will be lucky to find a free antivirus program that has an auto-update feature. This is really essential unless you are happy to manually update every week or so, or unless you are willing to swap programs once the current software is out of date. Personally I feel they are a good temporary solution, and great to run alongside a paid subscription. This way you will still be protected should a virus get past one of the programs. see "more than one anti virus download". So, do a little research. Compare a few free computer virus cleaning programs and make your choice.

Another item that falls into this category is computer scans. Without scanning your PC you have no way of knowing if there are any hidden viruses lurking. These are even easier to get hold of than free virus cleaning software. BUT, be careful. There are many scammers out there who will offer to scan your computer and then infect it with trojans, see this Spyware Scanner article for more information. The best and most thorough way to scan your PC is by using an online scan. The reason for this is that Some viruses on your system may be hidden from a scanner that is stored on your PC. For a FREE PC SCAN use this safe option from Adware Alert. It is trusted by thousands of people. Even if you have an antivirus program it is a good idea to use this once a month or so, I personally use it every week! It's free after all.

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