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If I can get Free Virus Downlaods Why Should I Pay? - This is a common question but a good one,, and depends really on the level of Virus protection you require. Microsoft's Operating systems are now far better than they used to be when it comes to stopping Spyware and Viruses. However It is not a good idea to rely solely on them. The biggest advantage with paid subscriptions (if it's a good one), is that your software will automatically update itself with the latest protection. New Viruses appear all the time and if your software doesn't recognise the virus then the chances are, it will get through undetected, (Bad News)! For more information see this article:


I am thinking of buying an Antivirus Package but there's so many! Which one should I get? - If you don't already have any Spyware, Virus, or similar software then it is best to go for a package that has all of these in one. There are a few good packages out there. First of all, don't buy any Virus Protection Software that does not have an auto-update feature. If you don't require this feature, then I would stick to the free Antivirus and Spyware software. If you browse this site it will become clear which option is best for you, and you will know when you have found the right one. Don't automatically go for the cheapest. On the other side of the coin, the most expensive won't necessarily be the best option either. The big names are obviously worth looking at as they provide a very high level of protection (such as Norton, or McAfee), but at the same time these are the ones that Virus creators will target first.


I want a free virus downlaod, which one should I go for? - If you can be bothered with the hassle then get a Free anti virus trial download. Then, when your free trial expires, you can uninstall it and take another free trial somewhere else. See more on this here: Free Virus Software, and Norton anit virus donwload free trial. The advantage of this, (unless you only get a demo version) is that you will have access to the auto-update feature without having to pay for it. This isn't for everyone though. There are some good programs out there but they may have adverts on them etc. So, if you can live with that then simply take a look around this site and click to be taken there.


I am having problems with your site. What should I do - If you are having any type of problem with this website, wether it is a technical issue or otherwise then please do not hesitate to contact You can contact us here for any other reason also.




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