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If you are looking for ways to recover information from your heard-drive then I know how you must be feeling. Having to wake up one morning, switch your computer on only to find out that your hard-drive has died can leave you absolutely distraught. Let's hope you never have to resort to hard drive data recovery. Okay, first of all; do you know what this means. Believe me when I say that I do. Heck, I just did the whole thing on my Mac Ibook G4. Yes indeed, the darn thing went caput on me out of nowhere. I had to pass it on over to my older brother, who is a computer technician at UNC Chapel Hill. Unfortunately he only works with the PCs. So then he had to pass it to his buddy who works on Macs. Nothing's ever simple is it? It seems computers are just like cars. A job that should take a couple of hours ends up taking 10 times as long. Anyway, the hard drive data recovery process became necessary for me and my bum computer. I had the PC guru pull everything off my hard drive just to be safe. I sure would hate to lose one of the screenplays I have written. That would be a load of work down the toilet. So now I here that the system board blew on it. Oh well, what can you do.

I feel fortunate on some level when it came to my need for hard drive data recovery. At least I have a sibling who can get all of my computer dilemmas taken care of. This rocks! For most people, the hard drive data recovery may not be so simple or cheap. Luckily there are a few options at-hand. Just get on the closest computer and log into the Internet. The World-Wide-Web is key when it comes to hard drive data recovery. You can basically check out a variety of companies who offer this service. What you may need to do is find the best and least expensive one and send them your computer. They will take care of the harddrive data recovery, and you won't lose your precious files. Unfortunately, there are times when there may not be any hope for your computer. If you are unable to get hard drive data recovery then it may be cheaper to purchase a new one. It just all depends on what's gone wrong. Sometimes that is just the way the old cookie crumbles. It will usually happen when you are in the middle of working on something very important, Bummer hey. I had to fork out $315 for mine at this point. And I actually feel fairly fortunate that it isn't more. I certainly don't want to pay 1200 or more for a new Mac laptop. Yikes!

There are alternatives solutions when it comes to hard drive data recovery. For example, you can purchase an external hard drive and always keep all your information saved on it, just in case something horrific should happen to your PC or Mac. Because in the real world, you basically never know what is going to happen next. Your computer could blow, like mine, and suddenly you're in desperate need of hard drive data recovery.

Have a look around at the mass of companies offering hard drive data recovery. Before you choose the cheapest, check out a few things. Does the company have a good reputation? How close are they to you? If you can stick your computer in your car and simply drive it to your chosen company you will save yourself time and money.



Easily Recover Stubborn Data - Really!

By Toby Johanson

Ahh, a peaceful summer day. You're cheerfully writing your due by the end of the day and it's noon business report and then unexpected horror that you've heard about ('but it will never happen to me') takes place. THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!

Quickly rebooting your computer yields you only 'Boot disk not found'. NOW WHAT?!

I've seen this more times than I care to mention. But it's more than just a blue screen of death. It's also virus' eating boot sectors, corrupted RAID's, damaged partitions and just plain 'I Give Up' Windows operating system problems. They are all catastrophic. They are all recoverable.

I own pretty much every data recovery product I've ever stumbled across.. and some I've become more partial to than others. One in particular is called VirtualLab by binarybiz.com.

This little gem is like the Swiss Army Knife of the Data Recovery World. It recovers hard drives, floppy drives, CD's and DVD's, email.. and yes, gulp, even Macintosh! It's absolutely wonderful, and even now I'm getting giddy with all the features of this nifty program.

So back to your crisis...

Watch how fast you'll have your data back:
1. Remove your hard drive from your computer.
2. Install a new hard drive. Install Windows.
3. Get an external USB enclosure. They are less then $40 online and about $60 from CompUSA or BestBuy.
4. Install your bad hard drive in the external enclosure.
5. Start your computer, download and install VirtualLab.
6. Attach the USB device your hard drive is in.
7. Start VirtualLab.
9. Breathe a sigh of relief, and stop kicking the dog.

So, in less then TEN steps you've gone from crisis to paradise. You still have the menial task of installing your applications and customizing your PC, but it beats the heck out of losing all your data.. forever. I just did this entire process for a customer (at the rate of $150 per hour, while he watched) and he said 'Hey, that was easy. I could have done that!', and I could not have agreed more. While I love the business, some of this stuff I've done so many times I'm suffering brain damage.

The process I've listed above has worked for me more times than I can count, and I am certain it will work for you by gathering easily acquired items from your local computer store. You'll take a disaster and turn it into 'no problem' in less than a couple hours time, and quickly and easily solve the problem yourself. There are a lot of data recovery programs out there, and I personally recommend VirtualLab.

Go ahead, recover your data yourself. You'll save a ton of money and time, and get all your critical data back!

Good luck and best regards!

Toby is a Seattle based computer consultant, gear head and all around good guy that loves gadgets, books, hiking and anything involved with technology. For more than twenty years Toby has been breaking the computer code and rescuing his followers from certain data loss. You can read more about Toby and his Conquering of the Computer Realm as he posts new articles about computers and their misgivings.

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