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You will see that on this site we try to cover information on all problems associates with viruses. Indentity theft is obviously one of those closely related topics. By arming you with all the relvant and up-to-date information we can, relating not only to Identity theft statistics but all other Virus related topics we hope you will be able to easily make up your mind on the right level of protection for you.

Are you aware of the recent identity theft statistics? This is one dilemma that's getting way out of hand. I mean come on; are there really that many people out there that lack an identity, hence driving them to stealing someone else's? Okay, that's just a little joke. It just surprises me sometimes how many dishonest people walk this earth. The last thing we need is more crooks. And it always seems to be someone that you would never have expected. Yes, that sweet old lady next to you in the Starbuck's line; she's probably a crook. Heck, of course this sounds silly but who really knows anymore. People are doing all kinds of ridiculous things. For those of us who live the straight and narrow life, it's pretty darn annoying and makes it hard to trust anyone. We shouldn't have to worry so much about identity theft, but the fact is these statistics are growing everyday.

Anyway It's very easy to look up the current identity theft statistics. All you need is the help of your nifty personal computer. Simply get on the web and check it out. This is actually one of the best ways to become educated regarding how to prevent it, hence the reason for our site. One thing I recently found was that checking your credit report is prudent. You know what I'm talking about here, right? This service is not only for people who are in debt. They advertise this free service on television, radio and all over the web. They're always showing some new pitch about checking your credit score, or getting a free credit report online. It's not a bad idea after all. My wife recently decided to take full advantage of this free service simply out of curiosity. In no time at all she was face to face with her credit report. Low and behold, there was something odd in the midst of it. It appeared that someone had acquired a cell phone plan in my wife's name. This was an eye-opener for us. In all honesty, I never expected to see such a thing. The deal is they used her full name, address, and social security number to attain a cell phone plan. Nothing was charged to us, but that's not the point. In reality, whomever did this could hurt my wife's credit by flaking on the cell phone plan. If they decided to no longer pay or whatever, it would come back to my wife and damage her credit. Well, add one on to the identity theft statistics report.

I have to wonder why it's so hard to track these folks down. With the identity theft statistics report being so poor lately, there indeed must be a lot of thieves out there. Can't the FBI bust these people? They must be receiving a bill somewhere. Right?

Well, as it happens the FBI are trying to attack this but in reality just can't keep up. They have hugely increased their resources relating to identity theft and internet crime, but there is just too much of it! If you have a look at identity theft statistics for the last 3 years you will see just how much they have risen. I advise you to check it out. I think you'll be surprised!



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