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We live in the age of possibilities. Not to say that all of these possibilities are good, because we all know that some of them are quite horrid. But, as always, we have to take the good with the bad. One aspect of technology that introduced a vast array of possibilities was the personal computer. Or should I say is the personal computer? There is still more yet to come. The outstanding advantage this technology offers us concerns the Internet. Suddenly everything was within our reach. No more writing letters on paper or driving to the bank to deposit a check. Home computers offer us unlimited conveniences. We can do all of our internet banking, we can contact people anywhere in the world within seconds, we could even play computer games against multiple opponents across the globe simaltaniously.

However, there is also a deep, dark, and dangerous side to these wonderous machines, which also concerns the web. Surely you've heard the phrase "Internet crime" on more than one occasion. Type in a search and you'll hear all about people who have had their bank accounts or paid for items they never received. Some people unlucky enough to be a victim of internet crime have even had their identity stolen. The question is; how can we ever put a stop to it?

Who do you suppose deals with Internet crime? The FBI plays a very large role in this game. Our federal government is always doing its best to capture sex offenders and criminals who pose online and dupe the innocent. In fact, over the last 5 years the resources devoted to internet crime have grown unimaginably. The sad part is that this is a redundant process. It's never-ending to put it nicely. No matter how hard or how long our federal government works at it, there will always be more Internet crime. That's just the way our world works. It's like illegal firearms. It doesn't matter if laws are put in place to keep them out of civilian hands, all the criminals who want them will still acquire them somehow. Although this sounds like a dismal point of view, it's the truth nonetheless. Now, there are things you can do in your home to prevent ever being affected by Internet crime. You should always monitor what your children are doing on the computer. Who are they talking to and do you know this person on the other end? Don't let your kids chat with strangers. The Internet is a candy store for pedophiles and sex offenders. It's prudent to always be aware.

Keep your personal information to yourself! When it comes to Internet crime, identity theft is always a major concern. Ever since we all got jacked into cyberspace, identities have been stolen left and right. Ask your bank or credit card companies about what they can offer you to prevent this as well. When it comes to the Internet, it's best to play it safe.

Of course the most important thing to do is to make sure your computer is protected. By following the instructions here, (Extra virus downloads) you can make it very difficult for criminals to make you a victim of internet crime. Just like car thieves, they are far more likely to go for easier targets.



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