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Internet Firewall Settings

The Problems With Internet Firewalls

No matter how you get onto the Internet, it is important that you have a good Internet firewall in place on your computer. If you have a dial-up service you won't have to worry as much as those with high speed like broadband, but it is still something that everyone should have. A good firewall will help keep your computer safe from all sorts of bad things, but it can also mess up your Internet experience if you don’t have the right one.

Right now, I am having problems with my Internet firewall, and it is causing me to pull my hair out. Apparently my problem is not uncommon. You see, it is protecting my computer, but it is also disabling things that I need to have working. It has a setting/option to block animated advertisements, which is awesome. You know the ones right? “You are the 23,456,345 visitor to this site, click here to get your prize!” This is accompanied by flashing colors and blinking animations that can just about blind you. It’s nice to have those blocked, but at the same time, my Internet firewall has also blocked other animations that are not ad related. It’s very frustrating!

Apparently my Internet firewall is also blocking my Flash player. This means that half of the sites I visit do not load. This includes a site I built and maintain on my own. I can’t even see it to update it. I have searched through the settings on my Internet firewall but I can’t seem to find where to change anything to get the flash player to work. Someone suggested the Active X controls are wrong, but they all seem to be in order. This leaves me with a firewall that is blocking what I need to see. A lot of sites are now using flash and I can’t see most of what is going on.

What your Internet firewall needs to be doing is most important, however, and you may just have to learn to control it better. There are people out there hoping to break into your computer to steal your personal information, and it is important that this information be protected. Instead of disabling your Internet firewall out of frustration, go through all of the help selections and contact the maker of the firewall to see if you can fix your problem. Make sure you get all the updates, as the answer may be already addressed and included in the update.



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