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We all surf the Internet and many of us spend hours doing so. That wonderful cyberspace of facts, ideas, answers, and bargains. We turn to it daily when in need of information or simply when we are bored. Although we can't do without our trusty PCs and Macs, we can't stand the common annoyance of pop ups. These ridiculously random adds and websites pop up out of nowhere. I mean come on, we didn't even ask for them! What's the deal? Do people really think we are going to buy something from them when they have invaded our privacy? It reminds me of double-glazing salesman that telephone you just as you have sat down for dinner and try to sell you their wares. But as far as Pop-ups go, luckily we now have pop up add blockers. Whenever there is a problem, there is always somebody working hard to create a solution, and pop up add blockers are certainly a solution we can all appreciate.

Do you hop online to find a product, or maybe just check your email? Don't you get frustrated when you can't even complete this one simple task? Pop ups just keep coming. Every time you close one, two more open. Your first reaction may be to toss your PC out the window, but that isn't the most reasonable of solutions. If you are able to type in the words, "pop up add blockers," then you can locate a solution to this travesty. No matter what search engine you use, all will give you results on pop up add blockers. You can purchase software that will obliterate your pop up affliction, or some sites offer free downloads. Why pay when you don't have to. You can download a solution to those annoying pop up adds that often retard your net surfing. It's that simple.


Many browsers are designed these days with pop up add blockers. This is a must for any new computer you buy. It should come standard. Being a Mac owner myself, my G4 Ibook came standard with the Safari browser, which has proven flawless. The Safari browser has the pop up add blocker option. I leave this on at all times. I have not once seen a pop up with this browser. I would assume that this feature works the same on PCs, because I know that it's available. No matter which computer you prefer, pop ups are a thing of the past.

While pop up adds are definitely irksome, they also can leak spy ware and other garbage into your computer system. The websites we view and emails we receive, leave us vulnerable to breeches. We do not want any of these corrupting our computer with a virus or slowing it down.

Because of the way in which pop-ups work, the chances are that once you start to get them you will end up with more and more until you can't even type in a google search without being interupted. With many pop up ads they leave traces on your computer so they can find you next time you connect to the internet, They will also share that information with others who will infect your PC with yet more junk. First of all make sure sure have good anti-virus protection.

If you are one of the millions of people having a problem with pop ups, jump online and you will surely find a solution fast. After all, the Internet should be a fun and fast place to surf, and it can be again with pop up add blockers.



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