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How Do You Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Protecting Your Identity From Criminals

As a computer security expert, people often ask me how to get good protection against identity theft. With all the phishing scams, hack attacks, and other forms of stealing personal information, protection from identity theft is more important than ever. The problem is that there is no simple solution. The hackers are getting better and better, and we as consumers are getting more and more exposed.

Really, the only sure 100% form of protection from identity theft nowadays is to live as a hermit with no contact with technology at all. This, obviously, is not a practical or possible solution for any of us. Just owning a bank account means we are in touch with technology. Even owning a house means that you are held on computer databases. So what do we do? The only other real solution is constant vigilance. If you really want protection from identity theft, you should use strong encryption whenever possible, Always keep your computer as up-to-date with a good anti virus software download, and use multiple software programs to keep the scammers away. Check your credit information and credit score every month or two, and document every monetary transaction you make. This is too much work for most people, and even many security experts – colleagues of mine – do not do all of these things. Nevertheless, they are necessary if you want protection from identity theft.

Even these steps do not guarantee that you are protected from identity theft, but they do guarantee that if your identity is stolen, it will be more easily recovered. If you can document where you live, what you have spent money on, and any other details of your personal and financial life, you can prove to whatever banks, creditors, or other institutions which receive your stolen identity that it was not you who made those transactions. Make sure you shred all any paper-work before you throw it away. Not just the bits with account details. A persistant enough scammer can do damage even with utility bill that has your name and address on it.


Having your identity stolen is an incredible pain in the neck even if you have done all you can to ensure your protection from identity theft. Still, it will be much better than if you have no proof or documentation of your activities. I had a friend who had no protection from identity theft, and traveled the world for several years. He came back when his bank account was mysteriously emptied out. He had to actually borrow money to get a plane ticket home. When he came back, he found that his credit and all his finances have been trashed by an invisible assailant. Although he reported the identity theft, it took years to get his financial situation straightened out. Even now, his credit is not what it was before. If he had had protection from identity theft, and not insisted on being such a free spirit, it would've been a matter of months instead of years to get everything straightened out.

In spite of all this and the fact that identity theft is growing, it is important not to live in fear of it. Just be sensible and take precautions. Take heed of the advice on this website protect your PC from scammers. It won't cost a fortune and could save you an incredible amount of time, effort, worry, and money.



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