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Ok, so you've got a computer virus you've tried everything there is and you still can't find a way out. Just before you read this, it may be wise to get a virus scan that's run from the web rather than your hard-drive. The advantage of this is that the virus will have no hold over the program and you may be able detect and get rid of it when your current antivirus software is unable to. If you want a free virus scan I suggest using 'Adware Alert'. If you are still sure that you have tried everything and still think you may need to do a System Restore then please read on.

If You know anything about computers, then the term ‘system restore’ may bring fear to your heart. I know I don’t like to hear it. When something goes wrong with your computer, and there is absolutely no way to fix it, you sometimes have to do system restore to get it up and running again. The problem with this is that this means everything on your computer will be wiped out and your computer will be as it was when you bought it, (please be aware I am talking about a full system restore not the windows software that simply resets your computer to an earlier date.) If you haven’t saved your data properly, system restore will wipe it all out, yes everything! Ouch.

Most computers come with a disc for system restore, so make sure you keep it in a safe place when you bring your computer home. If you are lucky, you will never need to use your disc, but you can’t count on things running smoothly forever. If you get a virus that runs loose, or if something simply decides to stop working, a system restore might be the only thing that brings your PC back to life. This does not come without a price, however, and you may find yourself back at square one after a system restore.

This is why it is critical to always back up your work, your photos, and anything else you can’t stand to lose. This way, after you do a system restore, you can put your important documents and your family photos back on your computer. If you have a CD-writer then it is wise to buy a pack of R/W blank CD's. The reason I say RW is that with this type of CD you will be able to add to the disc rather than having to use a new one every time you back up your files. This will be a tedious task, but it is far better than losing everything. Sometimes, a computer crashes without warning, and there is no help for it. In some cases, there may be no way to save everything before you do a system restore, so it is lost forever. Save as you go, and make sure to back up all important files.

If you think you have to do a system restore, call your computer’s manufacturer for help first. They may have a solution you can try before you wipe everything out with a system restore. Remember to keep your virus protection up to date, because many times, if a virus has paralyzed your computer, the representative may not be able to help you. I know Dell has a policy about this, and if you get a virus, they aren’t allowed to help you. If it is anything else, however, allow them to try a few things before you do a system restore. It should always be your last resort when trying to fix your computer.

For more information on protecting your PC and avoiding the dreaded system restore please click here: Best virus protection software, for trojans, worms and more.




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