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Problems With Temporary Internet Files

Cookies / temporary internet files are designed to make internet browsing easier and quicker. They remember information on pages you have visited so that when you re-visit them, the page loads quicker and if you need to type information then this can be remembered for you also if you wish. This article was written by a lady who had a problem with her temporary internet files. Hopefully it will help you if you have had problems with your internet temporary files or cookies.

Before I got my laptop computer, I had a huge problem with my temporary Internet files on my original desktop. I don't know what the problem was, but when I was on my new computer, my boyfriend had to completely delete my user account on the old PC. It seems that somehow, something managed to get into my files that I couldn't find, and that I could not give rid of, and it was affecting all the basic operations of some Internet pages and other things. It seemed there was nothing I could do to correct the problem.

Unable To Use Email Functions

When I tried to attach or open a file though my normal email provider, I had to empty all of my temporary Internet files in order to do so. If I didn't do this, then the page would just sit as if it were loading and nothing would happen. I even ended up going to do something else away from my screen to see if I was just being impatient, but the page just stayed blank and static. I tried everything I could think of, but finally, one day I decided to empy all of my temporary Internet files and suddenly everything worked again fine.


Deleting My Temporary Internet Files Worked

I have no idea why clearing out these temporary Internet files did the trick. All I know is that it got so bad that every time I needed to attach something, I would have to clear them out. The funny thing was that this did not happen with any of the other accounts on the computer. I guess I could have used a different account, but I had a lot of information on this one, and it would have taken forever to move everything accross. I may even have inadvertently moved the problem right along with it. But, I knew I was getting a laptop soon, so I just put up with it until I could get rid of it.

Really, you shouldn’t have to clear your temporary Internet files too often. Once a month should be enough, but there are times when it might help if you are having similar problems. If you are having trouble with your internet browser, you can sometimes get rid of your cookies, or rather clear them out, to see if that cures it. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can then clear out your temporary Internet files to see if that helps. This should not do anything bad to your system, so don’t worry that you’ll have problems after you do it. If, in the unlikely event that you do, you should take your machine in to see if something else more serious is going on.

If using windows, you can delete your temporary internet files and your cookies by opening your browser, clicking on 'Tools' and then 'Internet Options'. Under the 'General' tab you will find a section on 'Browser History'. Here you will be able to delete your temporary internet files at the touch of a button.



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