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How many hours would you suspect you're on your computer each and every day? Come on, really ponder this query. Maybe two or maybe more? I will be the first to admit that I'm on my Mac and Pc for a good 8 hours a day. Yeah, that's right, I did say a whopping eight hours each day, and I did mention a PC and a Mac. Anyway, the point is that many of us spend our 9-5 shifts Monday through Friday on computers. It's plain and simply a routine of modern times. Oodles and oodles of jobs and career positions have a great demand for computer work. Now, another concept to consider is how often you're exposed. No, I'm not talking about to one of the various herpes viruses. I'm talking about viruses found only in cyberspace. Do you have outstanding virus protection software, or are you just winging it? This is a crucial question that deserves much thought.

Where would you go for up-to-date virus protection software? Would you simply head on over to the local geek shop? You know the one with the Bill Gates wannabe re-stoking the shelves with lame computer games. We've all been in these places before. Although you can probably find quality virus protection software here, there are other venues to consider. For example, what about the World-Wide-Web itself? You shop in cyberspace, right? Heck, I would will go ahead and take a guess that pretty much all of us do these days. It's simply the modern way of convenience. Where else can we literally find every thing we're looking for? Not to mention that we don't even have to leave the comfort of our own sofas.

Why do you need virus protection software you might ask? Well, let's just consider the Internet for a moment. After all, this is where you're exposed. If you're never online, then I guess there is no reason to worry about or bother with virus protection software. However, most of us love net-land, and surf through it daily. When we do, our IP address is out there for all to see, our system is vulnerable to bugs, viruses, and spam. In order to keep all this trash out, we require the newest and greatest virus protection software. This way we don't have to worry about the bad getting in, or our PCs becoming infected.



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