Ad-Ware, Spyware, and how Antivirus Software Can Stop them

Article on Ad-Ware, Spyware, and how Antivirus Software Can Stop them

Viruses are a major part of the internet at large, and many people who own computers, and use the internet, have been subject to something that has been put on the computer without their knowledge, or consent. Viruses are everywhere, and show themselves in multiple forms; ad-ware and spyware are two major things that find themselves on nearly every computer, and are something that can be stopped.

All About Ad-Ware

Adware, at its base, is a type of program that is downloaded to your computer. These programs are added to your computer for advertising purposes. These advertisements can be for any range of off-range products, and show themselves in the form of pop up advertisements, and toolbars downloaded to your browser (without your consent). If you have ever opened your internet browser to find that your homepage has been changed, you have a spyware program on your computer.

The adware can cause multiple problems for you and your computer. For you personally, the ads are simply annoying, constantly popping up. Having to constantly change your home page can be difficult, and trying to get rid of certain toolbars can be a pain. On top of all of this, your computer can have running issues and performance issues when spyware installs on it, as the program can mess with your computer.


All About Spyware

Spyware is somewhat more dangerous than adware, as spyware does just what is says to your computer: spy. Spyware is the way that many people can snag passwords and credit card numbers, and leads to identity theft. Spyware can often slow down your computer, but rarely shows itself. Unlike adware, those who add spyware to a computer to not want people to know that it is installed, and will try to hide it at all costs. No one wants to find that their identity or information has been stolen right out from under their nose.

How Antivirus Can Stop Them

Antivirus software can stop these forms of viruses in two ways. For scanners, the antivirus software can find what types of spyware and adware are on your computer, and can remove them for you. Other types of antivirus software will actually block these from being downloaded on your computer, meaning that they are caught before they can even begin to be downloaded to your computer. Either way, this helps to stop the adware and spyware.

Once you have found the right antivirus software for you, you can begin to make sure that you take care of all of the viruses and problems that may be on your computer. While the virus scan may take a large amount of time the first scan through, it is important to wait it out and get rid of the files that it earmarks as a virus. By taking these steps, you can help to make your computer virus, spy ware, and ad-ware free.



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